Below you'll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, reach out to one of our experts through live chat or contact us on support@webfixters.com

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“Absolutely amazing team’’

Our website wasn’t loading
properly, these guys fixed the
Problem and we were up and
running in a couple of hours.

- Dave
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We have a list of tasks and fixes which can be found on the fixes page Go to fixes 

We're pretty flexible, so if you have fix or task which is not listed,  select custom when you're adding tasks, we'll review it and if it falls within our service scope, we'll get sorted.   One of our team will reach out to you to discuss.

Not a problem.  For lost passwords, when you are at the login screen, select 'Forgot password'.  We'll email you with instructions to reset your password.

If you've forgotten your login ID,  send an email to support@webfixters.com  or chat to one of our agents on live chat.

Sure, reach out to us via live chat,  let us know what the issue is and one of our team will help out.

This totally depends on the fixes or tasks at hand and also when your order is placed.  Just to give an idea,  we have many orders that are completed with 30 mins, some can take a little more.  In any case we'll reach out to you and keep you updated with time estimates and other important information.

If there is something urgent you need us to look at, go through with the order process and in the notes mark as urgent.

No, absolutely not. Apart from the Terms of Service, privacy and cookie policies, our customers are not tied into any long contracts.

Customers on the subscription packages, agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy and Cookie policy for the duration of the subscription, which is 30 days.

Reach out to us via live chat or email us on support@webfixsters.com

We do not store card details and we're using Stripe to process our online payments.  Stripe is a secure and very well known payment processing company.

Major companies, including Amazon, Uber, Google, Expedia, Booking.com all use Stripe.

We take a back up, or snapshot if you like, of your application before we get to work on it and if something were to happen,  we can always roll back to the point before we engaged.

we have a 30 day guarantee with every fix or task.  If the same issue arises again,  our team will fix it for you.  This excludes custom tasks or fixes.

We're a large team with a broad range of experienced developers and technical professionals, customer trust and satisfaction is what we value.   So you're in safe hands.

If we can not fix or complete tasks,  we'll refund your 100% of the order back to the card you paid on.  If you listed for example 3 tasks or fixes and we were able to complete 2 of them,  then we would refund the cost of 1 task.

Don't worry though,  we have a 'dont give up' attitude, so we'll do our best to get your tasks and fixes completed.

General Inquiries

We do not offer this as a service.  However, there are certain things we can do.  The best thing to do is either reach out to us via live chat or add a custom task  and detail what is required.   We'll review and contact you with further information.

Easy,  all you need to do is follow the same process you did the first time you joined, by selecting 'Get started'.   Add your task or fixes,  login and as long as your subscription is valid, you're order will come through to us.    If your subscription has expired, you'll be prompted to select a new package or pay one off for single tasks.

Reach out to us via live chat or email us on support@webfixters.com with your name and contact details and we'll reach out to help.

A single fix is 1 task or 1 fix.  if you've added for example 3 tasks or fixes, that's classed as 3 single fixes.

Simple,  we get the job done and we're very cost effectively.  We know that you've spent so much time and money developing your website or app and we all know with technology there are always things changing that may mean you need to update or fix any issues that arise,  some businesses have the luxury of having an in house development team,   most rely on agencies which can end up costing a lot, not to mention possibly being tied into contracts.  With Webfixters, we're here when you need us and we don't tie you into any long money wasting contracts.

We work with many agencies globally, which means there's a good chance that even if you were to use an agency,  we could end up working on your application.

Unfortunately we do not offer this service at the moment,  however watch this space,  we've had so many request to do this, so we're having discussions about this.

We work with the most well known and trusted suppliers throughout the digital world,  so we can always make recommendations.  Reach out to us via support@webfixters.com

Simple, in the unlikely event if we can not fix your problem or task,  we'll refund for that particular task back to the same card you paid with*.  It may take 3-5 days to show up in your account. We'll always talk to you before and advise with best options.

*If you have chosen one of our monthly packages and are a new customer listing your tasks or fixes for the first time and we are unable to fix a certain task,  we will refund for each task.